Problem 😕

In today's Information Age, we're constantly bombarded with new content—articles, blog posts, social media, books, videos, etc. This leads to the endless consumption of new content which shortens attention spans and mitigates learning. Without taking the time to review and reflect on new information, information becomes short-lived entertainment, not knowledge.

Solution 💡

To combat this endless treadmill of entertainment disguised as information, Retaino helps users learn the truly thought-provoking and new concepts they come across on the web by sending automated refresher emails of saved content at the right time. Simply add a link to an interesting article or guide, and we'll send the it back to you with your notes in 2 days. After that second exposure, we send a refresher in 5 days, then 10, then 20, and in ever increasing numbers. This way, you review the content you add to Retaino at just the right time before you forget most of it.

Benefits 📈

Through this process of spaced repetition learning, you'll be able to learn more efficiently and excel in the areas of life you're focused on learning about.

Retaino is made with ❤️ by Earl Lee.